Pick the perfect wines for your Thanksgiving table

Hint: the best choice for your celebration is probably a personal one...

(written for the the Los Altos Town Crier)

Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m a fan of all celebrations, but the simplicity of Thanksgiving won my heart years ago. It’s a day to come together with friends and family in celebration of gratitude. Of course, there’s an overabundance of food and plenty of football involved, too, but having a day dedicated to giving thanks is a whole lot of wonderful as far as I’m concerned.

Pairing wine with the many flavors of Thanksgiving may seem daunting. After all, it’s not unusual to have everything from giblet gravy to marshmallows on a single plate. But because the recipes of the day are often a reflection of the personalities and tastes of the family around the table, I say select what fits your gathering.

I also think Thanksgiving wines should not be about opening your cherished bottles. Stick with budget-friendly libations instead, because, if you’re like most families you’ll have plenty of glasses to keep full.

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