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Be a wine detective...

Step One: See

Remember pretending to be a Private Detective when you were a kid? Blood-hounding around the house in hot pursuit of clues to solve some made-up mystery? Well there's no reason that fun should ever go away. Taking the time to deductively evaluate the wine you drink can keep your inner-Sherlock alive and sleuthing. 

You've got five basic detective tools in your wine-PI toolkit. Often called the five S's, these tools are:
SeeSwirlSmellSip Savor (or spit)I'll talk through each in the next five postings, beginning first with 'See.'

Looking closely at your wine, gets your palate and your brain prepared for what you are about to drink. 

To begin with, the sight evaluation step will ensure you don't drink a wine that has gone off. If, for instance, the wine is overly cloudy or hazy it might need to be discarded. A small amount of haze (sediment) might indicate an unfiltered or aged wine and taking a sniff will confirm if it is flawed. If the wine a…

Give it a spin

Step Two: Swirl

Okay, you've had a good look at your wine. Now it's time to swirl it. Red, white, rose doesn't matter, swirl away. Swirling the wine aerates it, which releases aromatic attributes (more on that in Step Three: Smell). 

Once you've spun the wine around in your glass a few times, hold up your glass and take a look at the legs -- the clear droplets that hang onto the glass after spinning it. The slower the legs slide down the sides of the glass the higher the alcohol level of the wine.

Create some centrifugal motion and prepare to sniff...