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A Welcome Mat for Each New Day

(originally published on Positively Positive)

I often get up in the early, shadowy hours of the day. Darkness fills my room and I hear the earth awaken. It is that precious time when morning is not quite morning yet. In these moments, I take note of the way the birds welcome the arriving light. Their chorus of singing doesn’t take the sun’s rising for granted. Instead, they seem to be readying their domain, encouraged for another beginning. My twenties were spent attacking each day with the confidence that I would change the world. I took both my gusto for life and the rising of the sun for granted. With age, came more fullness. A marriage, children, financial concerns, aging parents and personal health issues threatened my optimistic approach to living. I confided in a friend that I often felt defeated before noon. Rather than a limitless reserve of hopefulness, I seemed to be given just a small cup of happiness each morning. A call from a friend with news of her own struggles, or simply…

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