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A feast for our fathers

(written for the Los Altos Town Crier
Dad’s big day is coming and it’s got me thinking about climbing. My kids climb on their dad a lot. When they’ve given up on walking or need to see over a crowd, it’s on his shoulders they climb. They climb on his back to start a wrestling match or play horse. For big bear hugs, they climb into his lap and into his arms. If they hear an odd creak in the night, they climb into the knowledge that he’s protecting our entire house. They climb because he is the biggest, strongest, bravest person they know. Watching my kids look up to him is one of my happiest treasures. He’s their own personal hero. This looking up enables the other type of climbing that dads encourage: achieving success in our own lives. Skills our dads share become stepping stones to living full lives. Moreover, dads often set high expectations for their kids – giving their offspring a positively motivating bar to reach. From my dad, I learned to dive into a pool, ride a bike and drive …

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