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United we dine: Familiar ingredients bridge geographic and cultural divides at community meals

(written for the Los Altos Town Crier)
In my family, food is central to just about every celebration. It’s a big part of comforting and consoling one another, too. But I know that we’re not unique in our food traditions. Down the street, around the corner and throughout the world, families make merry, mourn and meet around the table. In the current climate of focusing on what differs between us, let’s ring the dinner bell and applaud what we have in common. It seems entirely natural to feel gratitude when presented with a homemade meal. It’s one of the reasons people show up with casseroles in times of crisis – the gift of food demonstrates love and promotes recognition of our blessings.Then, where gratitude is present, compassion and understanding are actively available for every heart to embrace.  I’m going to invite to dinner people in our lives we might not ordinarily eat with. Then, over a meal, I hope to encourage conversation about our commonalities. We can discuss the hopes we have…

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