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Lamb Shanks & Life Skills

(written for Family Spotlight magazine)

Growing up, I would spend summer afternoons hosting imaginary cooking shows. I’d collect overgrown and past-their-prime vegetables from my dad’s garden. Slicing and dicing them in my make-believe outdoor kitchen, I’d create vegetarian feasts for my mom’s hens. All the while, I’d speak into a pretend camera, detailing what I was making with great seriousness. It was so much fun. Cooking remains a true joy in my life. I was thrilled when my youngest started recording cooking shows for us to watch together. The current favorite: "Farmhouse Rules." Host Nancy Fuller shares family recipes with her viewers, often cooking for or with her grandchildren. I rate a Saturday morning curled up on the sofa watching the Food Network with my kiddo as about as good as it gets. What I’m less excited about is what happens during the evening hours on food channels - cooking becomes combat. While I appreciate witnessing the creative spark required to produce s…

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