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Like moms, vintners bend and capture time

(written for the Los Altos Town Crier)

Time and moms have an extraordinary relationship – we seem capable of bending time when needed.

I know moms who, on any given Thursday, will accomplish a to-do list seemingly three days deep between 3-7 p.m. Other times, moms feel utterly at time’s mercy. I’ve begged for time to speed up, and pleaded with it to stop altogether, depending on what was happening in my children’s lives.

We moms put pressure on ourselves, and time itself can sit heavy on new moms as they survive milestones good and bad. My kids have been walking and talking and out of diapers for a long while, and I look back at those initial years with a new opinion. I see those milestones as breadcrumbs that help me find my way back to stunning memories, the ones I was too caught up in the moment to absorb while living them.

Wine and time have an intricate relationship, too – decisions about when to prune, pick and bottle contribute to what winemakers are able to capture in their barrel…

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